Business Stagnating? Light A Fire Under Your Arse: Step 1…

There is nothing worse than falling into the status quo, its bad for morale and bad for your business. The question you should begin asking yourself as soon as you lose excitement is ‘How do I get it back?’.

There are a number of ways you can breath new life and energy into your business – one of the best of these is by having a PR launch.

No matter how small, a PR event/campaign will involve you showcasing your product to the world – which in reality gives you a deadline to work towards and a cause to motivate your staff towards.

The reason doing PR is such a motivator to get shit done is because no one will write an article on a business that doesn’t have excitement or drive behind it. Sure, you’re going to embellish a little; words such as ‘disrupting’ and ‘movement’ are evident in every second release these days, but to get in press you are going to have to be doing something new to warrant that coverage – and that is exactly what ignites the spark which lights up your business.

I’ve seen it time and time again, there’s something about generating PR that really makes people up their game. I’m currently doing a media launch of a young charity I’ve recently started and its been excellent – not just because I know its going to be great in terms of drawing new volunteers and legitimacy for the organisation, but because it has really lit a fire under my arse!

All this past week I have been frantically pulling together volunteer events for the next three months, rendez-vousing with my co-founder, setting up new systems, new communication tools, reaching out to city leaders and meeting folks with a view towards forming a working committee. All of this, of course, has been background stuff behind the core work of developing a media message, creating a super press release and deciding where it goes and how the PR plan would be rolled out. Energy is at an all time high, goodwill is being beamed our way, and all that positivity is well before the reward of seeing the benefit of that work in press next week!

The same occurred in my last company, we held a media launch about five months into the business (after a period of lull). The three week lead-in to the PR campaign saw all staff work longer hours to ensure that all of the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed. Being honest about it, that was the real turning point for the company, before that campaign the business stopped growing and staff weren’t feeling as excited or motivated, until the fire was lit and we had no choice – productivity shot up, morale shot up and the business began growing rapidly as a result.

So if you think you, your staff, or your bottom line have become a bit flat – think to yourself, how can you shake the cage a little and maybe get some attention from the outside world in the process?

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