Just Jump In

Perhaps its due to my youth, or maybe its more a personality attribute, but I have never been afraid to launch myself in and try new things. Occasionally, I’ve desisted while on the clock for fear of wasting my employers’ time trying to grasp new concepts (and more than likely deliver poor quality outputs), but in general I see myself as a go getter, eager for new experiences and learning opportunities – and while all may not agree, I think that is a great quality for any of us to possess.

The reason this has come to the top of my head is because recently I was in the midst of a UX (User Experience) redesign of an iPad app. The brief included delivering new screens (which we had a graphics person on hand for) and while my job was to develop a sensible process flow for the user, we had an extremely short time period to get the finished deliverables to the client (who needed them in time for a holiday launch). It was evident that without an ‘all hands on board’ approach, we were sure to miss that deadline and so I joined our design team and burned the midnight oil to bring our wireframes to life (literally! Far too often was I in the office beyond 12am seeing this project out). I would define my design skills as amateur at best, and would certainly not be selling myself on any predisposed design ability – but throwing myself in to this part of the process was refreshing and super interesting.

At the end of the day we made our deadline and got some really great feedback from the client. Hybrids of our designs were implemented in the short time period they had before the Christmas launch – but they hope to implement our recommendations in full during the spring. It was only today, seeing the new screens as they are now that I realise how many of my designs were actually implemented in this phase of the app. I love having the opportunity to see my work in the public domain; so often my marketing/product dev ideas get picked up (which is always such a great buzz) but usually they have been crafted and polished by a design team before going live – I’m actually quite proud that I threw myself in to Photoshop and Illustrator for this project and am delighted with the outcome.

Here are some screenshots of the app, and while I still don’t think its pretty (I doubt I’ll ever promote any design work I ever create), it is indeed a huge improvement on its predecessor, the app flows better and…. We were limited in what we could transform (but enough with the excuses!).

screen480x480 screen480x480-1 screen480x480-2

BeerMapper is available on the App Store for iPad users in the US and Canada for $1.99.

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