About Me

A recent report by CEXi (Customer Experience Insights) estimates that Ireland is approximately two years behind the UK and four years behind the USA markets when it comes to world class customer experience. In a competitive landscape, there can be only one ‘cheapest’ option, and with products becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish between, Customer Experience is finally being touted as a means of winning customers over.

I am passionate about Experience, when making purchasing decisions I will only purchase products or services where I expect to have, or have previously had positive experiences. It’s human nature; make things easy for the customer, make it enjoyable and they are likely to return. Many companies are trying to do their best, but are not even aware of their pitfalls. By profession, I am a User Experience Consultant, who previously studied Business Studies with Marketing and has extensive experience working in, and consulting for, the service industry – as such I am currently offering myself as a unique outside voice for companies who care about their customers.