MyUXResume is a pet project of mine which, I believe, has the potential to galvanize the UX industry & start a conversation about the various abilities of UX practitioners.

My UX Resume Day2 2Born out of the realisation that UI, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Researchers and others all share the term UXer – it made me realise how broad the term UX really was, how many areas a UXer needs to be familiar with, and all the varying strengths a UX practitioner may possess.

In my situation I was applying for jobs as a recent entrant to the world of UX, and while I have been working hard on developing my skillsets, I have some clear strengths due to my background and personality type. I thrive in the research / conceptual / BA aspects of UX, but without any prior experience would not be selling myself on my technical abilities; such as graphic design and development.

Even though my resume highlights my experience to date quite explicitly, and I even score my proficiency on the Adobe Creative Suite visually on my CV – I kept getting called up for roles which were essentially Dev or UI positions.

It got me thinking, that with so many professions transitioning into UX, each new UXer bringing with them a different skillset and area of expertise – there ought to be a standardised way of communicating what kind of UXer each person is… that is essentially the idea behind MyUXResume.

Join the conversation, create your UX Scorecard at and share it with the world.

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