Community Activism

Co-Founder, Serve the City Limerick

Serve the City Limerick is part of a global network encompassing over 100 cities working to improve the lives of the less well off in their cities. Working with organisations on the ground in Limerick we organize monthly ‘Serve Days’ where volunteers can donate their time, rather than their cash, to better the lives of the marginalised and vulnerable in the community. Serve days are extremely varied: from painting flood-damaged houses, and cleaning out gardens in a homeless shelter to simply spending time with isolated members of our community. The people that we are helping, in our small way, are often forgotten in society and are so appreciative and thankful of our volunteers for reminding them that they, too, are worthy of our time.

Serve City Thirteen

I can honestly say Serve the City Limerick is the most worthwhile project I have had the pleasure to develop, every month I am blown away by the numbers of people who share my vision and are delighted to come out and give their time. Beyond encouraging volunteerism in my home town, without doubt the reward is seeing how touched those we are serving are by our joint efforts. It’s why I love being part of this movement and it’s why volunteers come along every month.

If you seek any further information, or would like to join STC Limerick and volunteer with us – email me on

Other Community Work

My involvement in STC Limerick has introduced me to a whole other world in which I am becoming more and more involved. I am currently researching and investigating the benefits of strong communities and how we, as citizens, can build better communities which positively affect the people within them.

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